The TikTok Project Description

The purpose of the TikTok project is to provide a web-based time clock for the student-employees of the UNC Computer  Sciences Department. The format consists of a simple web form that lists the student employee's name, in/out status and a field where they can enter their current location. It will utilize ODBC technology as a standard so that future implementations are compatible.

For authentication it will query users’ NT or UNIX passwords over an encrypted connection if possible. Ideally, users will be able to modify their own data but not other users’.

This product will feature:

1) Web based administration so that the administrator could add/delete users names and override data entries. 

2) Logging ability - track who made what changes, the machine they logged in from.

3) Notification of failure to check in or out. There is to be a schedule online against which this system would check such that if a student failed to show up for a shift or check out, the system could send mail to student/supervisor.