TikTok User Manual


Introduction  1

Why is this product for you?  1

Comprehensive Time Tracking and Reporting Features   2

Productivity Applications  3

Why IS Managers Prefer TikTok  4

Make versus Buy  4

Installation and System Requirements  6

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TikTok Functions  7

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The purpose of the TikTok project is to provide a web-based time clock for the student-employees of the UNC Computer  Sciences Department. The format consists of a simple web form that lists the student employee's name, in/out status and a field where they can enter their current location. It will utilize ODBC technology as a standard so that future implementations are compatible.

For authentication it will query users’ passwords from a Microsoft Access database with all the passwords predetermined by the administrator and stored in the database. Users will be able to modify their own data but not other users’, however Administrators will have full access to make global modifications.

This product will feature:

1) Web based administration so that the administrator could add/delete users' names and override data entries. 

2) Logging ability - track who made what changes, and the machine they logged in from.

3) Notification of failure to check in or out. There is to be a schedule online against which this system would check such that if a student failed to show up for a shift or check out, the system could send email to student/supervisor.


Why is this product for you?


Comprehensive Time Tracking and Reporting Features

TikTok is a Web-based application used to capture time for payroll and/or work time cost accounting. Users can record time quickly and efficiently -- anytime, from any location, using any computer platform by the use of their browser.

Administrators receive emails notifying of a particular users’ failure to login both on time and at the appropriate work area.

TikTok is designed for workgroup deployment. Deployment can be achieved literally in a matter of minutes since all software is installed on the server.

Here is a list of the most important features:

Top features

·        Scalable user interface and performance to support hundreds of users and tasks (we use the most scalable application server technology on the market)

·        Runs with any web server (but TikTok is not an inefficient cgi-bin app--which can't scale)

Time Entry

·        Intuitive browser-based time entry

·        All time entries are validated against a schedule at time of entry as a means of error checking

·        Optional comment fields

·        Ability to view and print the global system log

·        Administrator can override any data, with all changes logged 



·        Employee profile can be expanded to include employee personal details including pay rate and other cost data


User Preferences/Schedule setup

·        Employee maintain their own schedules

·        Time entry allowed for all times



·         Server OS: Windows NT, Solaris or UNIX

·        Web server: Netscape, Apache, or IIS 4.0

·        Browser: 4.0 or higher of either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator

·        Backend: Allaire Cold Fusion

·         Database: Microsoft Access

·        Scalable to a hundred user over multiple server

·        Y2K compliant

·        Security features require username/password login, login expires after inactivity

·        Three login levels are: Administrator, Student and Full-time User


Productivity Applications

There are many reasons that companies are implementing TikTok for time tracking. These include:

Why IS Managers Prefer TikTok

TikTok's benefits extend beyond worker convenience and management information. The people who install and support TikTok prefer it, too. With TikTok's Cold Fusion architecture and Access database, they can get at the wealth of data that TikTok collects.

TikTok Inc. offers customization services to customize TikTok to your exact specifications... faster and cheaper than you might think!

Source code is also available for internal support and customization.

Make versus Buy

Many companies consider building Intranet applications in house. While this may make sense for certain applications--the "core business" argument aside--time tracking is an especially demanding application to build in house. Time tracking is perhaps the most performance-intensive Intranet application there is. Scalability must be an important consideration when deploying to more than 100 employees because most employees will want to track time whereever they are.

At TikTok Inc. we have invested considerable effort in performance tuning of TikTok to achieve maximum performance. We know what it takes. Microsoft recently admitted to scalability problems with their current web-application infrastructure (http://www.infoworld.com/cgi-bin/displayStory.pl?990915.ecgates.htm). TikTok Inc. uses an industry-leading scalable application server technology which is not hampered by scalability problems inherent to cgi-bin web applications or Windows NT web application scalability problems.

Rather than building from scratch in-house, consider a source code license of TikTok along with our assistance in getting you started.

If you're ready to find out how TikTok can help your company, please email our sales department today.

Installation and System Requirements


System Requirements:


Server Side:

TikTok requires a system running Cold Fusion Server and Microsoft Access with an ODBC driver for its server side processing.  The minimum hardware requirements for this package on a Windows NT platform are an Intel Pentium or above, 128 MB RAM, and 150 MB hard disk space.  Additional hard drive space needs to be provided for the personnel database, proportional to the number of users expected on the system, roughly a megabyte per user.  Disk space is directly proportional to the number of users and the length of time that old system logs will be kept around.  If an encrypted link is to be used then a web server that supports encryption is needed.


Client Side:

            TikTok has no specific client side hardware requirements.  It requires either Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, or Netscape Communicator 4.0 or above.  Previous versions of those products may or may not work correctly with TikTok and thus are not supported.


Installation Notes:

            TikTok requires that Cold Fusion server be installed and operational.  It also requires that the Microsoft Access ODBC driver be installed and operational.  Please refer to product specific documentation for help on installing those software packages.  Installation of the Punch-Clock consists of copying the following all of the .cfm files and the singular .mdb file into a web accessible directory on the web server.  The TikTok is then accessible by the URL of that web accessible directory.  Also the .mdb Microsoft Access database needs to be mounted on the Cold Fusion server as a datasource.  For specific directory names please consult your Web Server administrator.

TikTok Functions


There are three types of users on this system.  The first is the student, who is able to change his or her record, clock in and out, and be reported late.  The second is a full-time user who, just like the student user, is able to change his or her record, clock in and out, but not be reported late.  The third is an administrator, who is allowed to add/edit/delete users’ records.  They are also allowed to view the log of system changes.  These two types of users have several pages associated with them, which are outlined below.





          As any user, you’ll come to the login screen.  You insert your username and password in their respective fields and the program will take you to the appropriate main page.


To Login

1)    Enter your userid in the field marked “Enter Your Userid”

2)    Enter your password in the field marked “Enter Your Password”


Click the “Submit Query” button.






          This page allows you to check in or out and specify where you’re clocking in from.  It also offers the choices of changing your personal info, or changing your schedule.


To Clock In:

1)    You have the option to enter a comment to let other users know the specifics of your task.  When you clock in, this field will update automatically or you can manually update it using the UPDATE COMMENT button on this page.

2)    Select the area from which you are working from the pulldown menu to the left of the CLOCK IN button and then click the button.


To change schedule or personal info:

1) Click the CHANGE INFO button.


To view the status of the staff:

1) Click the VIEW STAFF STATUS button, which is described in the Admin section.

Change Student Info


          This page allows you to change your personal contact information and your schedule.  To update your personal information you insert the correct information in the appropriate fields and click the UPDATE USER button.  To change your schedule, click the VIEW SCHEDULE button. 



View Schedule


          From the change student info page there is an option to view the schedule and modify it.  On this screen, you can select a new time block to add or you can delete an existing entry.







          As an administrator, once you’ve logged in, you’ll come to the Admin Main Page where you’ll be given the choice to Administer Users, Administer Jobs, View the log of system changes, or view the status of the staff.  Each of these options is explored thoroughly below.



Add New User


          The add new user page allows you to add a new student, full-time user or administrator by selecting the appropriate user type.  You then fill in the rest of the fields with the correct information and click the CREATE USER button.



Edit/Delete Users


          This option allows you to select a pre-existing user (admin or student) and delete or change their data.  After selecting the user, a screen will pop up with all of their information.  You can either click the DELETE USER button or change the information that needs updating and click the UPDATE USER button.  Both of these buttons are located at the bottom of the page.  You also have the option of viewing the schedule of a user from this page by clicking the VIEW SCHEDULE button.

Add Job


          The add new user page allows you to add a new job.  You then fill in the rest of the fields with the correct information and click the ADD JOB TO DATABASE button.

Edit/Delete Job


          This option allows you to select a pre-existing user (admin or student) and delete or change their data.  After selecting the user, a screen will pop up with all of their information.  You can either click the DELETE USER button or change the information that needs updating and click the UPDATE USER button.  Both of these buttons are located at the bottom of the page.  You also have the option of viewing the schedule of a user from this page by clicking the VIEW SCHEDULE button.



View Log of System Changes


          The log of system changes is a record of users who’ve made changes to schedules and personal information and the dates and times when they made these changes.  This option allows you to view this log.



View Staff Status


          This page allows you to view the current status of your fellow users.  It has a view in which to see those clocked in, to see the status of all users, and a searching capability to see if anyone is scheduled to work at a certain time.





Browser window does not display page.

·         Be sure the URL is correct for the web page designated as the address for the Tik-Tok program for your business.


Nothing happens when buttons are clicked.

Be sure that your browsers preferences are set correctly:

·         In Netscape (version 4.0+), under the Edit->Preferences->Advanced menu, Java and JavaScript should both be enabled.


·         In Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5+), under the Tools->Internet Options->


Under the Security tab, the security must be set to Medium or Less. 


·         Otherwise, you must restart your internet browser and re-login to TikTok


Cannot log in.

·         If you are an administrator or just a user, you must first have a Username and Password to login to the TikTok system.  If you do have one and you cannot login, try to re-type your Username and Password, all in lower-case, and re-login.  If problem persists, see your supervisor or network administrator.


Wrong page is displayed when trying to modify personal information.

·         If you have multiple browser windows open, TikTok will not

execute properly while trying to change personal info or schedules, etc.  You must only have 1 session of TikTok running at a time.  Close all but one window, and logout and login again to solve this problem.


Sent to back to login page or receive “session variable” error while trying to use TikTok.

·         One of two things:

o        This will happen sometimes when two web-browser windows are open and running TikTok because each instance of TikTok uses session variables, and they will get confused in multiple instances.  TikTok only supports one user login window per workstation.  To avoid this problem, only login in one browser window.

o        Your TikTok session has timed out.  You must re-login. (This will happen if there is no activity for approximately 10 minutes)