Weekly Reports:

Week of 6 Feb to 12 Feb:
We met with our client, Jack Snoeyink, last Wednesday (2/2) for the first time. We talked about the basics of the project and drew up an initial version of our contract. This Wednesday, our team met from 5:00 to 6:00, and discussed the following objectives:

  • Kwan Skinner briefly talked about the advantages of using GLUI with OpenGL for the implementation. He has used it before, and said it interfaces well with OpenGL.
  • The group also briefly talked about filling out our timesheets for last month (January), and what objectives were completed then. - Then, the group discussed rough ideas for scheduling our project, with all objectives, including research, documentation, design, coding, and testing considered.
  • Brad Timmers led the charge to draw up initial versions of our Work Breakdown Structure and Pert Chart. The design of the Pert Chart involved deciding on what objectives could be done at the same time, and which ones needed completion before other tasks.
  • The group decided that a Gantt Chart would be difficult to draw up at this time because exact time estimates would be difficult.
  • The group discussed briefly ideas for a name for our project, as well as an icon to represent the map drawing tool. For about the next week or two, we will be researching Tcl/TK, FLTK, GLUI, and OpenGL, to decide on what would be best to use for the implementation of our map drawing tool. A secondary goal for the next week would be to discuss the design and makeup of the user manual.