Weekly Reports:

Week of 17 Apr to 23 Apr:
This week we made many advances and improvements in the GISMO map tool. Jeff had finished the data abstraction code last week, and Chris and Kwan incorporated it to draw the entire thumbnail map. Unfortunately, some tiles (or data files) appear to be missing, as there are large areas of black space. This problem is caused by a lack of code supplied by our client, so we cannot fix it at the moment. Additionally, we did the following:

  • Kwan completed the coloring algorithm, which uses different shades of green for the land, and blue for water. Also, this algorithm uses every z-coordinate in our data, and uses blending well to make the map look more eye-pleasing and realistic.
  • We used our team meeting on Wednesday to discuss the primary objectives that we had left to complete. We need to show the user-selected region in the terrain map - before we had just a hard-coded template in the terrain map. Also, we have been having problems highlighting the region selected, and we need to work on that. And, the final objective would be user scaling of the terrain map.
  • By Saturday, Kwan had completed coding for displaying the user-selected region in the terrain map. Now, what we have left to do is to allow for user-scaling of the terrain map, show the user which region he had selected with highlighting, and possibly adding a color legend to indicate what elevations the map colors correspond to.

For the next week, Kwan and Chris will be working on the zooming function. Also, everyone else may be working on highlighting the user-selected region on the thumbnail map. Our group is for the most part done, so we are working on ways to improve on what we already have.

  • Schedule: The user interface, coloring algorithm, and data extraction portions of the project are for the most part done, so the zooming algorithm, along with complete code integration is left to complete. There is not much work left to be done, and we are very optimistic that our primary objectives will at least be met.