Weekly Reports:

Week of 24 Apr to 30 Apr:
We have finished our primary objectives. Kwan completed the z-factor scaling earlier this week. Kwan and Brad contacted our client on Thursday to show him the working demo, and they discussed the following:

  • Dr. Snoeyink discussed a new algorithm for coloring the map, which Kwan is working on. Also, Kwan is working on trying to integrate some of the secondary objectives before our presentation.
  • Since Kwan is our OpenGL expert, he will be working on the secondary objectives of coloring based on the new algorithm, and adding the 3D views.

Dr. Stotts has said that our group will be presenting on Thursday, May 4, and we will be able to get one of the SGI machines from the colab into the classroom for our demonstration. Until then, Kwan will be working on the secondary objectives, and the rest of the group will be preparing for our in-class demo.

  • Schedule: We have stayed on schedule, and completed all of the primary objectives by Thursday. We may handle 3D viewing, and a new coloring algorithm by presentation time, but what we were scheduled to complete is done.