Weekly Reports:

Week of 1 May to 7 May:
Our group met Tuesday after class to try out our demo on the SGI machine moved into SN011. We met again on Wednesday to finalize everyone's role in the demo. Finally, on Thursday we gave our demonstration. Also, we met on Sunday to finish up final parts of the documentation:

  • We decided on which version of GISMO to give to our client. We decided on Jeff's final version with the aesthetic changes, which looks a bit more polished than other versions. Additionally, Kwan's final version, with changes to the coloring based on normalization is an option.
  • We all documented our respective portions of the code, and made changes to the user's manual and technical manual accordingly. Then, we were ready to turn in a completed version of the product.

  • Schedule: We completed our schedule, and finished all of our primary objectives. Also, we completed one secondary objective, which was to allow the user to specify another map, instead of Vancouver, based on the file names.