Weekly Reports:

Week of 13 Feb to 19 Feb:
Our group met together on Wednesday for our regular meeting, and discussed the following:

  • We briefly discussed Dr. Stotts' request for a contract revision. We need to add an expected date of completion, and also sections for risk analysis, resources, and signatures.
  • Next, Chris proposed a revised Work Breakdown Structure, which included a more detailed design plan to make it easier to see our goals. We agreed on a revised WBS.
  • The revision to the Work Breakdown Structure caused a need to also revise our Pert Chart. Then, the group derived the Gantt Chart, and came up with early ideas for work assignments.
  • We came up with a name for our map tool - GISMO, which stands for Geographic Information Systems MOdeller.
During the meeting, we also discussed the need to clarify some details about how our client wants the user interface to look. On Thursday, after class, Brad, Chris, and Kirk met with the client and discussed some details about GUI design.

In the next week, we plan to continue researching FLTK, Tcl/Tk, and GLUI, as well as OpenGL. Brad and Kirk will also start on the user manual. The rest of the group members will experiment with the different tools we are researching, and attempt to generate a thumbnail map of the Vancouver North Shore Mountain region for GUI purposes.