Weekly Reports:

Week of 20 Feb to 26 Feb:
Our group met together this week on Tuesday to discuss basic user interface issues. Issues we discussed were:

  • Handling multiple screens at one time, or how the windows should be laid out on the user's screen.
  • What the user should see upon starting the program. Our client suggested that we find a simple thumbnail map of the Vancouver mountain region, and submit it to him for his approval.
  • Interface problems, such as how the user should be allowed to adjust, or exaggerate the vertical scale of the map. Brad suggested the use of a GLUI spinner, which is a text box plus scrolling arrows.

Additionally, Brad agreed to work on the user manual in the next week, with help from the group in making changes where we feel might be appropriate. Brad decided to take on this task himself because the group agreed that there is not a lot to put in the manual at the moment, and if one person worked on it, then it would be more consistent.

Our normally scheduled meeting on Wednesday was used to inform Kwan of what he missed during Tuesday's discussion. We also talked about the possibility of changing the design of our web page to make it easier for the group to make changes to it, and also to incorporate the new project name of GISMO. In the meantime, the group will continue researching GLUI, FLTK, and OpenGL and make a decision on what to use by our next scheduled meeting on March 1.