Weekly Reports:

Week of 27 Feb to 5 Mar:
Our group met together this week after class on Thursday to finalize our decision on what to use for the user interface of the GISMO map visualization tool. We decided on using the FLTK package, together with OpenGL for our interface. Additionally, we postponed our normal scheduled meeting on Wednesday, and met on Sunday to discuss:

  • We spent the first part of the meeting discussing our plan for the required mid-semester presentation for this week. Brad agreed to give a general overview of our product, and also go over the user manual, which presents our visions of how GISMO will look, and what it will be able to do upon completion.
  • Additionally, Kwan agreed to explain what was necessary, in terms of the implementation, to make the tool work. This part of the presentation will include discussion of the data files and triangulation code that our client has provided for us, and what needs to be done to extract the data.
  • Also, we will explain our decision for use of FLTK and OpenGL for the interface of the map visualization tool.

This week, besides our mid-semester presentation, we will be working on getting some basic user interface up and running. Brad and Kirk will begin experimenting with FLTK, and our plan is to have a FLTK window that opens and closes, in which we will place our thumbnail map. This should give us a good start for the design and coding to be done after spring break.

The rest of the group will continue to research and learn FLTK and OpenGL, and also plan to have a thumbnail map of the Vancouver region produced, either from a scanned-in image or extracted from the data files that our client has provided for us.