Weekly Reports:

Week of 6 Mar to 10 Mar:
This week was spent by just preparing for our mid-semester presentation. Schedule conflicts again caused our normal weekly meeting to be postponed. Brad, Chris, and Kirk met on Thursday night prior to spring break to draw up preliminary CRC cards and to discuss design principles. We considered the following classes to be important at this time:

  • The Tile class represents a fixed region of points contained within the data files provided by our client. A new Tile will parse the data file it represents and return data to the DataGrid.
  • The DataGrid class will maintain and organize Tile data. We also envision that this class will extract data from the Tiles provided the user-selected region.
  • The ThumbnailMapViewer class displays the initial map of the entire region covered by the data files. It also maintains separate windows opened by the user when regions are selected. The user interface also involves selecting a region to be displayed in a separate window.
  • The TerrainMap class draws a user-selected region in a separate window, and also coordinates the Z-factor scaling provided in the user interface. Additionally, the terrain map generates and shows a color legend corresponding to the Z-factor scaling.

These are just the early plans for our design. We may in fact need more or fewer classes in the finished product. Following spring break, our group will continue to discuss design issues, as well as start developing the user interface for our product.

  • Schedule: At the moment, it appears we are on schedule, according to our Gantt Chart. We have completed our research on FLTK and OpenGL, and we have started the design phase. We have projected that our design will be finished by March 31.