Weekly Reports:

Week of 19 Mar to 26 Mar:
This week our group met on Wednesday to discuss coding plans. We had compiled and ran simple FLTK test programs in our workspace, and felt we were ready to start coding for the map tool. We talked for a few minutes about group coding assignments, and then the group broke up to work on the following:

  • The responsibility of Brad and Kirk was to develop a representation of the graphical user interface. We developed a simple interface which showed the terrain map and thumbnail map windows as planned in the user manual. This interface uses a class that consists of an Fl_Window - however the final interface must subclass Fl_Gl_Window so that we can use OpenGL to draw the maps.
  • Jeff, Chris, and Kwan broke up to discuss some of the OpenGL implementation of the map tool. Also, we were able to successfully use the client's triangulation code to triangulate the points in the data files provided to us.
  • Additionally, Chris experimented with using OpenGL code to draw to a window, using a class which subclasses Fl_Gl_Window. We were able to see some simple code which draws triangles to the window. This code can only run on the SGI machines which have OpenGL support.

During the next week, we will be trying to draw the initial thumbnail map from the data files provided to us. We will also, upon doing this, need to make a few changes in the user interface so that our classes subclass Fl_Gl_Window, and we can then draw our map to the map window. For now, we are only implementing the 2-dimensional case for drawing the map. We will also need to discuss coloring of the map according to elevation.

  • Schedule: According to our Gantt Chart, it appears that we are on schedule. However, there are a few things we should probably work on. We need to discuss design as far as coloring the map. Also, it appears that we should probably compress our schedule a bit. Before, we had the date of completion as early May, but now it seems that our final presentation will be earlier than that.