Weekly Reports:

Week of 27 Mar to 2 Apr:
This week was a busy week for our group in terms of coding and testing. Brad and Kirk prepared an early version of the user interface, which reacts to the user selecting a region, and closes all windows upon the thumbnail map being closed. Additionally, Chris and Kwan worked on drawing the initial thumbnail map from the data files provided by our client. We were able to produce a map from two of the data files given. Also, Jeff worked on the data extraction from the given data files. We have the following goals for the next week.

  • Brad and Kirk will continue to work on the details of the user interface, which uses OpenGL to draw the maps. We need to work on event-handling, mainly rescaling the map given user input and bringing up a useful terrain map upon selecting a region from the thumbnail map.
  • Brad is planning to work on a parser to read through the data files and remove the unnecessary commas, brackets, etc. in them.
  • Jeff will continue working on the data extraction using C++ standards ifstream and ofstream for reading the files.
  • Chris and Kwan will continue to work on the OpenGL details, mainly trying to incorporate all of the data files into the thumbnail map, and integrating the OpenGL drawing code with the GUI code provided by Brad and Kirk

During the next week, we still need to discuss coloring of the terrain map according to elevation. Scaling of the OpenGL is also an issue. Chris is working on developing an early prototype of the GISMO map tool, by integrating the OpenGL drawing code and the user interface code.

  • Schedule: We seem to be on schedule, but we still have a lot of work to do. The user interface is not quite complete yet. And we have not drawn a complete version of the thumbnail map. We should have an early prototype of the map tool soon, which is a good accomplishment. After this, we can work on generating a terrain map from a user-selected region.