Weekly Reports:

Week of 3 Apr to 9 Apr:
The majority of our time for this week was also spent in coding and testing. Chris and Kwan continued to work on the graphics part of the project, mainly displaying the map. Jeff worked on data abstraction, or making it possible to just give the tool a file name, in order to draw the map. And, Brad and Kirk worked on the user interface. We accomplished the following objectives:

  • On Tuesday, we met with our client to make sure that we were on the right track, in terms of what the map should look like. He agreed that our early map looked fine, and also showed us a page on his web site which shows the map in 3 dimensions, as well as gave us some useful tips on coloring schemes.
  • On Wednesday, we met in the colab to discuss progress. Brad has completed the parser, which reads and parses through the data files. Jeff continued to work on the DataAbstraction class, to simplify map drawing and triangulation.
  • By Friday, Jeff had completed coding for DataAbstraction, and Chris tested this code by incorporating it in with his and Kwan's drawing code. The results were good, as data abstraction simplified the draw function, as well as sped up the program by only doing triangulation once.

We have completed an early prototype of the GISMO map drawing tool, which we will present to Dr. Stotts this week. During the next week, we will continue to work on the OpenGL drawing functions and the user interface.

  • Schedule: We are probably struggling a little to stay on schedule, as we had planned on having the implementation, or coding, complete by the end of the coming week, and we still have a lot of work to do. Data extraction seems to be complete, so we need to just work on the user interface and the display. We need to start testing on our initial completed code at the end of the week.