Weekly Reports:

Week of 10 Apr to 16 Apr:
On Monday afternoon of this week, we presented our first prototype to Dr. Stotts. We had drawn a map from a few of the data files given to us by our client. Also, the user interface is complete for the most part. A question arose as to what our client wanted from the zoom function on the map, because as it stands, our program would just change the amount of colors, and with the zooming added, no change would be noticeable. We also accomplished the following this week:

  • We incorporated the thumbnail map and terrain map classes into a single GlMapWindow class to simplify the code - additionally we use a flag to determine if the map is the thumbnail, and as a result would need event-handling.
  • Brad worked on an early version of our technical manual, diagramming the classes we use in our project, and how they fit together.
  • By Friday, Chris put together a map from all of the files in directory 1 of our client's data files. Higher elevations were noticed in other files, so the map was a lot more interesting. One of the files gave a segmentation fault, which we are trying to figure out why.

For the next week, Kwan is working on the coloring algorithm and the zooming function. Chris is mainly working on the code integration part of the project, and making sure we have a working prototype and everything is running smoothly. The rest of our group is for the most part done, so we are working on ways to improve on what we already have.

  • Schedule: The user interface and data extraction portions of the project are for the most part done, so the coloring algorithms and zooming, along with complete code integration is left to complete. This should require a decent amount of work, but we are optimistic that our goals will be met.