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3.2. Module: terrain_map_viewer

-Class Hierarchy

Terrain_map_viewer is not a subclass of any other class.
           Principally developed by Kirk Boyd, Kwan Skinner, and Brad Timmers


Terrain_map_viewer is a class which displays a subregion of interest that the user has chosen from the thumbnail map. Terrain_map_viewer provides the user with the ability to manipulate the displayed subregion: namely, he may choose to exaggerate the z-coordinates of the subregion's data points by a constant factor so as to emphasize the differences in elevations between various points in the subregion. To do this, the user first selects the desired factor by adjusting the on-screen counter; then, he presses the RECALCULATE button, and GISMO will redraw the terrain map with the new z factor.
-Implementation Details
The terrain_map_viewer contains four widgets:
  1. an Fl_Gl_Window in which to draw the actual terrain map;
  2. an Fl_Window (this allows the terrain map to be displayed in a FLTK window);
  3. an Fl_Counter that allows the user to choose a scaling factor for the z-coordinates;
  4. and an Fl_Button with the label "RECALCULATE", which when pushed will make GISMO redraw the terrain map using the scaling factor displayed in the counter.

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