Introduction to Programming

T-R 9:30-10:45, in Chapman room 201
Dr. David Stotts (Brooks 144, 919.590.6133)

Detailed Syllabus


High school math (not calculus). We do not assume you have any programming experience or programming understanding coming into this class. We do assume you have some familiarlty with using computers, specifically web browsers and text editors.


No text is required for purchase. We will be using an online text.

Course Description

The goal of this course is to teach the fundamental concepts of programming a modern computer. Though we will use the JavaScript language to write the programs we study, the concepts the student will learn are expressible in all programming languages.

When the course is completed, each student will have


COMP 110 is a hands-on course. Lectures are practical, often comprising concept explanations paired with in-class programming demonstrations to illustrate how to apply the concepts.

The class has a midterm exam, a final exam, and programming assignments. The grade is based entirely on performance on both the exams and the programming assignments.