Calendar of Class Events

2014 Tuesday Thursday Week's End
Jan 6-Jan 10 ... Read: course syllabus
PPT: overview: model of a computer
Jan 13-Jan 17 Read: EJS Ch.1
PPT: overview: binary
PPT: data
Read: EJS Ch.2 down to [alert(Math.min(2, 4)+100);]
PPT: expressions, variables, assignment
Jan 20-Jan 24 Read: EJS Ch.2 down to "counter++ and counter--"
PPT: user input
Read: EJS Ch.2 to the end
PPT: repetition (for loops)
Jan 27-Jan 31 PPT: conditional (if-then-else) PPT: input data validation
ASSN: Wall 1
Feb 03-Feb 07 Read: EJS Ch.3 down to "lexical scoping"
PPT: repetition (while loops)
PPT: functions .
Feb 10-Feb 14 PPT: functions
ASSN: Wall 2
canceled snow day .
Feb 17-Feb 21 PPT: functions
global and local scope
PPT: arrays
PPT: arrays
random numbers
assn 2 due Sunday 2/23 at 11:55pm
Feb 24-Feb 28 simulated execution
random numbers
PPT: nested loops
random strings
returning entire arrays
returning collections (early objects)
Mar 03-Mar 07 returning collections, early objects misc. small stuff, objects: functions as values .
Mar 10-Mar 14 spring break spring break spring break
Mar 17-Mar 21 objects containing functions (methods) midterm exam .

2014 Tuesday Thursday Week's End
Mar 24-Mar 28 card game: using objects card game: using objects .
Mar 31-Apr 04 card game: using objects ... .
Apr 07-Apr 11 frisbees advanced functions: recursion .
Apr 14-Apr 18 advanced functions: recursion ... .
Apr 21-Apr 25 ... last lecture day .
Apr 28-May 02 ... ... .
Monday May 05 final exam (12 noon) ... ... .