COMP 110: Introduction to Programming

Getting Started with jGRASP


To install jGRASP, you'll need to download and install both jGRASP and the Java Development Kit (JDK).

Java JDK

Download the proper version of the Java JDK (Java Platform, Standard Edition) and install it. JDK stands for "Java Development Kit" and it contains both a Java compiler (for compiling into into executable form the programs you write) and a Java runtime environment (for actually running compiled programs). Most of you probably have a Java runtime environment on your machine (this is used to do things like run Java apps in web pages, Java programs that other people have written and compiled, etc.), but you probably do not have the Java compiler, so you need to get it.

You can get the JDK for your machine at the Sun Java download site. For Fall 2010, this will be "JDK 6 Update 22" near the page top.

Place the downloaded file on your desktop, and when it is complete, double click on it and the script will take you through the steps for installing the Java JDK. The JDK will give you the latest compiler ("javac") and the latest runtime environment ("java") containing the JVM (java virtual machine). Your computer probably has a java runtime environment, but it may not be the latest.


Download and install the latest version of the jGRASP IDE. You can find it here at the jGRASP download web page. You don't need to fill out all that personal information in order to download the software. Just look down the page under that web form. Double-click on the button "jGRASP.exe" for the windows installer, and the script will take you through the steps for installing jGRASP.

Mac users, choose the MAC OS X button at the same page.

Starting jGRASP the First Time

Double-click on the jGRASP icon on your Desktop to start jGRASP. If you get a message saying that there is a newer version of jGRASP available online. It's ok, just ignore that message.  There are a couple of settings that you need to change the first time you run jGRASP. You need to follow these steps only once.