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The interface for the AFMS software is just a simple UNIX command line prompt. To run the software with just a plain flat surfaces simply go to the installation directory and type AFMS. There are also number command line options that are available: 

All command line options begin with simulator_server:
The other options take effect when you use the extensions after simulator server command.  

-image <image name>:  loads a previously scanned surface into the simulator 
-grid <x> <y>:  Sets the grid to the correct grid size of the scanned in picture   

-math_fn1 <sin/cos> <x>:  sets the surface to the mathematical function sin x or cos x
-math_fn2 <sin/cos> <x>:  set the surface to the mathematical function (sin x) / x or  
 (cos x) / x

-scan <x>:  changes the simulator scan rate to <x> seconds per line.

-noise  turn simulated scanning noise on 

Furthermore, Microscape needs to be run from a sgi machine.