Data Flow Interface for /usr/Image

What is a Data Flow interface ?

A Data Flow interface allows operations to be connected in the manner of a flow chart, so that complex set of operations can be constructed from a relatively simple set of primitives.

What is usr/Image ?

usr/Image is a library for image processing operations.

What is our project about ?

We are building a Data Flow interface using FLTK (Fast, Light Toolkit) for usr/Image. FLTK is an API based on OpenGL that contains an extensive set of widgets and a GUI builder. We are using FLTK mainly due to its portability and ease of use. There are softwares containing Data Flow interfaces for image processing systems eg. Khoros, AVS and Ad Oculos. Our software will be similar to above mentioned softwares. It will provide a user interface to edit and execute a data flow description for programs of usr/Image and other programs that satisfy certain input-output constraints.

Last updated 26 Jan 1999