Weekly Report 26th April through 2nd May

Status Meetings

We had status meetings on Monday (26 April) and we discussed the current status of our project and the approaching deadline for final presentation. We prepared a outline for our final presentation and individual team members were assigned to work on different sections. We also discussed what we would be showing in the demo during the final presentation. We also discussed issued involved in implementing loops in our dataflow as asked by our client Graham Gash.

We had another status meeting on Saturday (01 May) and we sorted out all the requirements that need to be done before the final deadline on Sunday. We wrote the client and boss notebooks, brought the manuals and webpage to date, and discussed packaging and installation issues.

Coding and Porting

We got a sort of type-checking implemented in dflow. We performed more tests especially on the parsers. The final version of the software was again ported and tested before generating the final executables.