Weekly Report 5th April through 11th April

Status Meetings

We had status meetings on Monday (5th April) in which we discussed the progress made on different portions on the implementation manual. We also discussed the feedback obtained from showing the demos to the client and the to the boss and came up with some ideas on how to implement type-checking, loops, loading and saving of modules. The group had an exhaustive discussion on the USES diagram and different design diagrams that will be going into our implementation manual. This included the class diagrams, the interactions diagram, and the state transition diagrams.

Client meetings

Sunku met our client Graham Gash and had a general discussion about issues involved in porting to Windows and the availability of FLTK software on PCs.


We did very little coding, tested out a few ideas in the scheduler.

Implementation manual

The group spent most of their efforts this week on the implementation manual. The manual was completed on time.