Weekly Report 8th through 14th Feb

Most of the work our group did this week was related to the user manual. There was also some progress on the learning front.


Shyam was assigned to get some information about a versioning system we could try to use. He did some work with RCS and wrote up a list of most common commands The group hasnt decided whether, we'll end up using it or not yet. We gained some more experience with fltk too.

User manual

Individuals worked on their assigned portions of the user manual. Weve got an outline ready. We also were able to get a mock up of the user interface to use in the user manual.


We didnt have a group meeting this week as we knew what each member had to do. We'll be meeting tomorrow to make sure everything is ready and to integrate the user manual, so that it will be ready for tuesday

Charts and other documentation

Made some updates to the web page. Put in e-mail links for the group members and client. After some effort, were able to convert the MS Project Pert chart into a GIF and put that up along with the work breakdown structure on the web. Got the second version of our contract signed and up on the web as well.

We still are on schedule. Need to start work on our design next week.