Weekly Report 12th April through 18th April

Status Meetings

We had a status meeting on Monday (12 April) and we discussed everything that had to be implemented and the deadlines we were facing. We had discussions on how to port the software to Windows and we also discussed the design of parsers for the loading and storing of an existing dataflow and loading modules from a file. We came up with the format of the files which these parsers will create and read and write.

Client meetings

Sunku met with Graham Gash to start working on porting. Graham Gash provided us with his personal PC which had the FLTK library and Visual C++.


Shyam started coding on the parser for loading and saving the dataflow. Salil started coding the parser to load a module library. Sunku experimented with windows programming. We made some more changes to the UI to support command line options to a module on the dataflow.