Weekly Report 2nd through 7th Feb

Looks like were still on schedule. This is a summary of our group activities for this week. What we were supposed to do (according to our plans) was learning/research and work on the user manual.


Sunku and John made some progress working with FLTK. Started using fluid, a sort of "visual FLTK tool", which greatly simplifies and speeds up the UI building process. Sada did some reading on dataflow computation.

User manual

We had a group meeting, in which we decided on the outline of the user manual and divided up responsibility for individuals. We also decided we needed a few snapshots of a prototype user interface for the manual. Using fluid, we went ahead and mocked up the main window for the interface for a snapshot.


We had a group meeting, whose agenda was the user manual. Had another short meeting with Styner (the resident AVS expert) and our client Graham Gash, for some ideas on the prototype interface.

Charts and other documentation

We did our Pert/Gantt charts using MS Project. Havent been able to convert the Pert chart into a document we could post on the web yet. Was able to convert the Gantt chart to a gif image though. Did some work on the team web page.

Got the first version of our contract back. Came out with a second version incorporating Prof. Stott's comments.