Dflow software essentially has three parts: user interface, scheduler and parser. The user interface allows the user to define a dataflow. The classes for user interface derive from FLTK base classes. The schedule schedules the computation of the dataflow. The parser reads (and writes) the dataflow graph from ( to ) a file ie it provides load/save functionality.

Intramodule Cohesion

Class       Cohesion

Connection        functional
DflowPanel       functional
DflowStatus       functional
DflowWindow       functional
FlagDescriptor       functional
Generator       functional
Input       functional
Module       functional
ModuleBrowser       functional
ModuleButton       functional
ModuleClipboard       functional
ModuleDescriptor       functional
ModuleGraph       functional
Vector       functional
ModuleDescriptor       functional
ModuleLibrary       functional
Output       functional
Point       functional
PortDescriptor       functional
StatusBar       functional
String       functional
Vector       functional
VectorElement       functional
Parser       Procedural

Inter module coupling

The coupling between all modules is data coupling except for that between ModuleGraph and ModuleButton which is common coupling.

The USES relation

Diagram for USES relation.