File format

It is very important for the users of dflow to know the file format of Library. It is as follows :

module_name module_path

< I
# argument_number   argument_name   how_input_is_specified(flag / $)   type

< O
# argument_number   argument_name   how_output_is_specified(flag / $)   type

< F
# 1/0 (1 if flag needs input else 0 )   -flag

< MODULE> is a delimiter between modules. module_name is the name of the executable file, module_path is the full path where the executable file is found. < I... > defines the input arguments. < O....> defines the output arguments. < F... > defines the flags.

'argument number' is the position of the argument (input or output) in the commandline. If the argument is "positionless", enter 0.In (flag/ $ ), if input is specified after a flag (eg -I ) that flag is written otherwise $ is written. 'type' specifies the type of input argument ( eg Image,File etc )

Example of a library file

Loading a library

A user can load a new file by clicking on file button and then on Load Library button. It will open a file window and the user can select the library file by clicking and then clicking OK button.