Gist Project Schedule

Adopted by the group on February 25, 1999

Task Projected Completion Date Status
Revise User Manual March 5, 1999 Complete
File Format Specification March 5, 1999 Complete
Revise Schedule and Charts February 26, 1999 Complete
Midterm Presentation March 1, 1999 Complete
GistView Class Design March 1, 1999 Complete
GistView Class Interface March 5, 1999 Complete
LibGist SGI Implementation March 29, 1999 Complete
GistView Class Implementation March 29, 1999 Complete
GistView Integration and Initial Test April 1, 1999 Complete
GistView Class Revisions April 8, 1999 Complete
LibGist NT Implementation April 12, 1999 Cancelled
Technical Manual April 1, 1999 Complete
LibGist Porting Guide April 18, 1999 Complete
System Delivery April 25, 1999 Complete
Final Team Report April 29, 1999 Complete

Revising the User Manual
Our user manual is doubling as design documentation, and right now it is only partly complete, and the parts that are complete are sometimes not very specific. In the ideal world our spec should be tight enough that if we build *anything* that meets the specs, it should be what the client wants. That is not currently true. There are also factual errors in the user manual which need to be corrected. To be complete this needs to be correct, detailed, and visually consistent.
Revise Schedule and Charts
Our first attempt has turned out to be pretty far off to the point where we have to declare ourselves hopelessly behind schedule, or decide that we created a schedule with no real base in reality. I think the latter is true. Top priority.
File Format Specification
The file format specification will define the format of the data file that the LibGist portion of the product will write both for the primary data file as well as the index data file. Both of these will be generated by the library portion of the program. The main file portion is now up to date, but we need to define the format of the index file. Completion of this item will be defined as having a complete, unambiguous specification for both parts which can be frozen for the remainder of the project.
GistView Class Design

At the conclusion of this portion we will have defined all the classes we plan to use in our application, and the specific interfaces we will use for each class. At present I belive we have enumerated most of the classes, but not necessarily all. We need to finalize the actions and responsibilities of the classes we've already decided upon, delegate any new classes we find, and define an interface for each class. This should be done with some care and with the goal of freezing the interface before this activity is counted complete.
System Delivery
Turn the completed, working system over to the clients. The system must, at this point, meet a percentage of the specification. This may be 100% of the primary specifications, but not necessarily. At this point we should be delivering a system with the expectation that the client will not find problems which require correction.
Final Team Report
The final oral presentation to the class. We're required to have a working system to demonstrate, and put forth commentary on the process both technical and personal that we used to complete the project successfully. It is expected that we've practiced our presentation.

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