April 18

We demoed the GUI for the boss. The major features are all now pretty much in place. It's pretty clear now that we won't be meeting all of the primary requirements, but we feel that we will meet enough of them to still have a working, useful system. Two things that we probably won't do are I mentioned to Lars that we probably won't be able to get the NT port done, and he didn't seem too disappointed. Tim: Didn't do much this week because of my PhD orals on Friday. I think I worked on the library code, but I can't remember what I did. I guess I should just say "improved library code."

Met with Lars to tell him about the status of the project, and to request example parallel programs.

Rob: This week Tiger and I collaborated to largely finish the difficult parts of the viewer app. Last week the parser was largely finished. This week the parser learned to read the index file as well, and most of the code to use the index file to facilitate random access to the event entries is finished. Completing that work will be a priority this week, as will finishing the legend and possibly giving the user the ability to change the colors as well, although that function may be dropped if it can't be completed before the deadline. Tiger: Continue coding in Java GUI part, preparing for the demo, start writing code documentation. (hours: 25)

Liusong: Please have a look at my new techmanual. I feel I made it more viewable. I redrawed all the images in Powerpoint directly. I feel I am closer to a more skilled web maker. Instead writing a Resize window code myself, I asked Tiger help me doing that, and I helped Tiger on another course.

I begin like to make more web.