April 25

The coding is, for the most part, done. From here on out, it's mainly documenting and packaging. We used our three group meetings this week to work on the in-class presentation. Tim: Tried to get Lars's example programs to work. One of them uses a different sort of parallelism than libgist: "pthreads" instead of "pragmas". It is possible that Gist can be made to work with such a program, but we don't know how to do it. The other one has some problems outside of Gist and I was unable to get it running.

Rob: This week has been spent wrapping up functionality that was not yet complete and preparing for our team presentation. Some minor fixes remain, but the GistView app is largely done. Major functions which haven't been implimented yet will not be attempted. We need to finalize what we have, and get the documentation up to date. Tiger: Working on wrapping up GistView application, writing documentation, and preparing for the demo.

Liusong: I was very excited giving the presentation with you guys in English, of course including simple slides. Tell me any new web works. I want to do that.

Xiao: last week i fixed the libgist bugs and got it almost done. but mostly i spent time preparing the slides of the final presentation.