February 28

Our Tuesday meeting was spent discussing the design of the Java classes in GistView (the Java portion of our project). Our tactic has been as follows:
  1. Embody the classes in CRC cards in a meeting.
  2. Distribute the cards evenly and randomly among group members.
  3. Each class is "initialized" to have no methods.
  4. Each person is responsible for prototyping the class. Every time my class requires the collaboration of another class, I am responsible for contacting the person responsible for that class and deciding on the interface. I add no methods to my class, other than those requested by its collaborators.
We hoped for the following benefits:
  1. Clean class design with only minimal functionality designed in. This should stop implementors from wasting time writing code that won't be called.
  2. Distribute design work evenly.
  3. Make each designer's work more easily apparent to others (each class has a web page).
The exercise is not yet finished, and it's not clear whether the benefits will be achieved. One problem may have been the lack of a clear deadline with explicit deliverables. Rob (technical director) has decided on the deliverables and made them quite explicit, and we have a deadline. So the exercise ends 3/1/99 at midnight.

The repository for the designs in this exercise is here.

Our Thursday meeting was mostly about deadlines and schedules. Our Pert and Gantt charts from early in the semester were inaccurate and useless. At the point when we made them, our design was not clear enough to allow us to set concrete goals. So we started from scratch. Our new schedule and Gantt chart. We feel that the schedule is reasonable, and that we're not too far behind yet. But now we know better what we have to do to keep from getting behind schedule.

All team members continued on the primary work this week: designing our assigned classes. In addition: