March 28

We have a major coding "due date" tomorrow (Monday) night.

Tim: I have been sick for most of this week, and I'm behind on my work because of that. I spent several hours on Saturday working on the library, but eventually realized that my plans were not fully baked. I have "thrown out" all the changes I made on Saturday, but am the wiser for having tried them. I am also writing a couple of parsing routines for GistView's EventSequence.

It will be interesting to see what we can pull together by tomorrow night's deadline.

Rob: I've spent my time this week continuing to write and modify the GistView application code. Tiger and I have some significant problems to resolve, including finding an optimal scrolling method and making the drawing functions fast enough.

In terms of problems, I think we have only that there seems to be a lot of work to finish and a deadline getting very close now.

Tiger: I am modifying and adding codes to GistView application. Got some progress, but still have a long way to go.