Menu Bar

The Menu Bar consists of following menus.
  1. File Menu
  2. Display Menu

File Menu

  1. Open File

    Once you start up a window, first thing you probably need to do is to open a data file. Look at the screen shot on the left side, you will see in the menu bar, there is a menu called "File". Click on "File", select "Open File", then the program will pop up a file browser window (as the picture shown below) to ask for the log file path and name (with .glg extension). Type it in, or choose one from the file browser and click "OK" button, the file will be loaded if the file path and name are correct.

  2. Print Profile Graph

  3. Quit

    Quit the program is as simple as choosing Quit from the File Menu. Saving your data file is not necessary as GistView won't modify the data.

Display Menu

  1. Zoom In/Out

Xiaohu Guan
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