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Parallel Performance Debugging Tool


If you are a parallel program developer, and you are desperately trying to find some toolkits to help you to optimize your programs, GIST is your way to go.

Designed as a parallel program performance analysis tool and library, GIST will aid you to split work evenly among the processors, maximize the performance of each processor, minimize time waiting for synchronization points, and so forth, to help your program achieve maximal speedup on multiple processors.

The GIST software package split into two toolkits.

First toolkit is an instrumentation library, called libgist, for SGI IRIX 6.4 and above, which will interfere minimally with the performance of the calling program. To use the system, the programmer will make some key calls that mark "events" in his program. He will further define "states", which are defined as the time between two particular events. Events will be tracked as accurately as possible, and recorded in an index file and a log file to disk at the end of execution.

The second toolkit is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) called GistView. The event log file and index file will be processed by the GUI, so that user can have a better visualization of the data sets and extract information from it by using the GUI.

This user manual is designed for you to navigate through the software package easily, and to explore the great functionality provided by GIST! HAVE FUN!

System Requirements

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