• Project Summary
  • Primary Requirements
  • Secondary Requirements
  • Resources
  • Risks
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  • Project Summary

    A tool is needed to schedule round-robin tournaments for the leagues participating in  Sylvia Hatchell basketball camps each summer. The schedule for each camp will take into account the scheduling constraints specified by Carl Hatchell. In addition to scheduling functionality, this tool needs to be easy to use for the client and very flexible. The user must be able to change any of the camp information as well as manually modify the schedule. Anotherfunction of the tool is to analyze the schedule produced and display a report of all errors in the schedule as well as how many times each team plays in the different buildings.

    An estimate of the complexity of this problem is: 80-100 teams on 15 courts during 36 one hour time slots, producing approximately 400 teams.

    Primary Requirements

    Interface Views

    • League - A list of all leagues and their league levels.
    • Team - A list of all teams. Displays team name, coach name, league name and league level.
    • Master Schedule - A complete list of all games played, ordered first by session, game time; the schedule will be editable.
    • League Schedule - A subset of the master schedule, listing only the games played by teams in a particular league.
    • Court Availability - A way to view and modify the availability of the 16 courts during the different sessions. Must also contain the functionality to remove one gametime within a session for a particular court.


    • Court Distribution - Lists how many times each team plays in each building.
    • Error Report - Lists any schedule constraints that are violated. Error may result from either manual schedule changes or automatic scheduling.

    General Functionality

    • Allow user to change everything manually
    • Check for conflicts on manual changes
    • Reschedule league if one team drops out or adds using the same courts
    • Provide way to enter special court availabilities at both the session and individual game time level.
    • Allow user to override schedule constraints.
    • Allow user to schedule games between teams in different leagues (across leagues)
    • Allow user to swap games in the schedule.
    • Generate schedule print-outs similar to previous camp schedules.

    Secondary Requirements

    Improve the user interface


    The development tool we will use to complete this project is Microsoft's Visual C++ version 5.0. This software is avialable on several computers in Sitterson Hall.


    The main risk in this project is the complexity of the algorithm that will schedule the games according to specified constraints.  Likewise, if the complexity of the problem is too great, a solution conforming to only a portion of the constraints may have to suffice.


    This contract was not formally signed but was agreed upon be the following parties:

    HOOPS Project Team:
    Sara Bidgood, Scott Campbell, Carla Gaskins, Joel Sgro, and Brandon Wood

    Carl Hatchell