Class Index

Below is a list of all of the classes used in the HOOPS project.  Each class is listed with  it's parent class, and the portion of the project in which the class is used.  The possible project segments are listed below:
  • Main Application: These classes make up the backbone of the application.  Some were created by Visual C++, and others were added to facilitate the operation of the project (about and startup dialog boxes).
  • Scheduling Algorithm: These are the classes that are used by the algorithm to schedule the games within a camp.  They are also store the information entered by the user into the GUI.
  • Camp Editor: These classes make up the interface components of the HOOPS project.
  • Grid Control: These classes are used to create a complex flex grid; the code was written by Chris Maunder (, Copyright (c) 1998.
Class Name Inherits From Used In
CAboutDlg CDialog Main Application
CCamp CObject Scheduling Algorithm
CCellID NONE Grid Control
CCellRange NONE Grid Control
CComboEdit CEdit Grid Control
CComboGridCtrl CGridCtrl Grid Control
CCourt CObject Scheduling Algorithm
CCourtNode CObject Scheduling Algorithm
CCourtSessionNode CObject Scheduling Algorithm
CEdiAddCourt CDialog CampEditor
CEdiCourtDist CPropertyPage CampEditor
CEdiCourts CPropertyPage CampEditor
CEdiDeleteCourt CDialog CampEditor
CEdiErrorReport CPropertyPage CampEditor
CEdiGeneral CPropertyPage CampEditor
CEdiLeagues CPropertyPage CampEditor
CEdiMain CPropertySheet CampEditor
CEdiPreview CPropertySheet CampEditor
CEdiSchedule CPropertyPage CampEditor
CEdiSessions CPropertyPage CampEditor
CEdiTeams CPropertyPage CampEditor
CEdiTimeSlots CPropertyPage CampEditor
CGameNode CObject Scheduling Algorithm
CGridCell CObject Grid Control
CGridCtrl CWnd Grid Control
CGridDropTarget COleDropTarget Grid Control
CHOOPSApp CWinApp Main Application
CHOOPSDoc CDocument Main Application
CHOOPSView CView Main Application
CInPlaceEdit CEdit Grid Control
CInPlaceList CComboBox Grid Control
CLeague CObject Scheduling Algorithm
CMainFrame CFrameWnd Main Application
CMemDC CDC Grid Control
CMSFlexGrid CWnd Flex Grid
CNode CObject Scheduling Algorithm
COleFont COleDispatchDriver Main Application
CPicture COleDispatchDriver Main Application
CRowCursor COleDispatchDriver Main Application
CTeam CPropertyPage Scheduling Algorithm
CTimeSlot CObject Scheduling Algorithm
CTitleTip CWnd Grid Control