Report for Week ending 2/14

During this week, three primary activities took place: On February 8, the team met to determine the class hierarchy for our project.  We came up with the following classes: Team, Court, League, Session, TimeSlot, Camp, Building, and Location.  The member variables for each of these classes is listed in the Class Hierarchy document.  The functions associated with each of the classes will be determined later.

Last week, our team divided into two project groups: the interface group and the algorithm design group.  The interface group met on February 9 to develop a preliminary user interface.  The interface team worked through developing the individual screens that will make up the user interface to the Scheduler program. The interface team captured the screen ideas on paper, and they will be converted into screen mock-ups for use in the user manual.  The final interface will be coded in Visual C++, but due to the VC++ learning curve, and the fact that Carla already has experience with Visual Basic, VB will be used for the mock-ups.

Some of the issues encountered by the interface team were the degree of flexibility of the scheduler program and how to maximize the clarity/useability of the system to the client.

The algorithm team came up with ways to use all of the classes the project team came up with and how the classes will interact in our algorithm. We designed a pseudo-code algorithm for scheduling all of the high-school games in Carmichael. Then we ran through with 5 HS leages and about 40 teams (different numbers of teams in every leage) and made sure that the whole thing worked the way we wanted it to. We then talked about how we would use this pseudo-code to produce a similar algorithm for Dean Dome games. We are still working on ways to schedule the general games, but we are planning to get started on actual coding of the Carmichael and Dean Dome schedulers this week. The only problem we forsee is that there will be lots of pointers and many chances for Segmentation Faults. We also revised the contract during our meeting on Wednesday of last week.

On February 11, the entire team met to go over the user manual drafts generated as a result of the February 9 interface team meeting.  We decided on a fairly personal and engaging user manual style, as well as a mascot (Swish, a basketball with arms and legs).  The writing of the user manual is primarily divided between Brandon and Sara; Carla is coding the screen mock-ups and perhaps writing a small tutorial.  Joel and Scott are continuing to work on the design of the scheduling algorithm.

During each team and group meeting, we generate questions for our client, Carl Hatchell.  We are continuing to interact with him over email to make sure we are designing a system that will truly meet his needs.