Report for Week ending 2/21

At the February 16 team meeting, we set the following goals for the week: We developed guidelines for code development and decided to use Visual C++ 5.0 for all coding since the 6.0 version is not readily available.

Status Reports

Problems encountered this week:

Sometime between Wednesday evening and Friday morning, all HOOPS files were deleted, including the entire web site and several of the preliminary header and skeleton files.  Most of the web site should be retreivable from system backups and other copies.  If the system backups are not available, the web sites could be recreated from the copies on the webmaster's computer.

We ran into some problems this weekend when attempting to code the graphical interface in Visual C++.  The VC interface is not very intuitive, but after acquiring better help resources, we figured out the first tasks in coding the interface.  We also learned that our approach to the coding so far may have to be adjusted to take advantage of the functionality available using Visual C++.  We will begin to really work through the details of Visual C++ this week.

Schedule Update

So far, we seem to be on schedule.  Our goal for the midterm demo is to have the interface coded and presentable.  We would like to have part of the scheduler, but that may not be possible.  We have decided to push back the Constraint Checker and Report Generator coding until after the scheduler is coded, at least partially.

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