Report for Week ending 2/28

Weekly Goals

For the presentation March 4, we have set the following goals:

Interface Update

After completing the interface design last week, Carla, Brandon and Sara began to start the actual coding of the individual parts of the user interface using Visual C++.  At first, we encountered many problems using VC.  After a lot of research, we became more familiar with VC and its capabilities.  To help deal with the problems that our team encounters using VC, we have created a Visual C++ log of problems, tips and suggestions.  To standardize our development in VC, Carla put together nomenclature guidelines for the user interface coding -- this is very important since one single screen can contain several dozen individual member variables.

By Monday, March 1, all of the CampEditor screens will be coded in VC.  The Default Setting screens as well as the New Camp wizard will be completed after Spring Break.  We have created a checklist of all of the user interface screens, whether or not they have been coded yet, and any notes regarding their status.

Carla and Sara started researching how to save the camp files to be used/opened later.  Object Serialization seems to fit our needs of persistent objects; we will continue this research next week.  We also found some other classes that will be very useful in coding the major classes for our project (i.e. CTime, CTimeSpan, CObList, CPtrList, CStringList).

Algorithm Update

We now have semi-pseudo code for the entire algorithm.  Scott and Joel finished the .h files for our Node, Court, and TimeSlot.  They also modified the .h files for Camp and League, adding a few more methods that we are going to need.

A TimeSlot is going to be a linked-list of Nodes.  These Nodes contain in them a Court, a starting time, the session#, the two teams playing in that Court at that time, and the league those teams are in.  Each TimeSlot is also part of a list pointed to by Camp, and it contains its time, session# and the list of Nodes.  The apparent redundancy in having time and session# in both the Nodes and the TimeSlot is necessary for our bigger algrithm.

We have also decided on a little different strategy for the main scheduling algorithm.  There will be a member function of Camp called "scheduleCamp()", but there will be several levels of algorithms that this function calls.  So, rather than one mega-algorithm, we are going to have a few large alorithms.  This will make coding and testing much easier. We will have the .cpp files for our Node and TimeSlot classes done by Spring Break, along with as many other classes as we can get done next week.  Then, we'll start work on the big functions when we get back.

Schedule Update

We have strayed from our original schedule, but we seem to be progressing in a manner to complete the project by the end of the semester.  At our meeting on Monday, we will make a new Gantt Chart reflecting what we now know about the scope of our project and a how long each stage of the project will take.

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