Report for Week ending 3/7

Weekly Goals

We completed all of the goals above.  The revised class hierarchy is just an updated version of our original class hierarchy document.

Interface Update

All of the screens for the CampEditor are complete, and Carla has integrated them all into one tab sheet.  She ran into considerable difficulties in debugging as well as some interoperability problems with two different development environments. Hopefully after this first integration of all of the individually coded segments, the next time will be significantly easier.

Algorithm Update

We are starting to code the algorithm using Visual C++.  We are also starting to incorporate the object serialization and archiving that will be necessary to pass information back and forth from the interface to the algorithm.

Schedule Update

We revised the Gantt chart to incorporate the timetable for our project.  These changes simply give a more accurate representation of the progress that has been made, and how the work on the project will continue throughout the rest of the semester.

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