Scheduling Constraints

Who can play where and how many times
    1. Only high school teams can play in Carmichael
    2. All high school teams must play in Carmichael at least once (if possible)
    3. Every team must play in the Dean dome at least twice
    4. Balance number of games in each building across leagues (especially in Carmichael and the Smith Center)
Constraints for leagues with an odd number of teams
  1. One team plays twice per session (rotate which team plays twice)
  2. Rest a game time in between games
  3. Games must be in same location/area

Maintain at least 2 hours and 45 minutes between scheduled game times
Effective use of large courts
Proximity constraint
Priority hierarchy in scheduling games

    1. Location (Carmichael, Dean dome, Fetzer, Woollen)
    2. School level (High school, Junior varsity, Junior high)
    3. Level of competition