The CampEditor is your interface to the camp information as well as the camp schedule.  Using the CampEditor, you can enter team, league, and court availability information, as well as view the created schedule and modify it manually.  The CampEditor can also be used to open an existing camp and view and modify the information contained within that camp.

The different sections of the CampEditor are defined below:

General Information

The General page allows you to enter a few important pieces of informatin about the camp:  the Camp Name, the date on which the camp starts, and the date on which the camp ends.  These three pieces of information must be entered before you move on to the next section of the CampEditor.  In addition, there is a section on this page that allows you to type in any comments, reminders or notes about the camp.  The comments field is optional, and can be left blank.

In the lower half of the page, there is also a report of how many teams have been added to the camp.  When you open a new camp, all of these numbers will be zero, but as you add teams to the camp, this page will continue to be updated.


The leagues page allows you to view, add and delete leagues. To add a league, type the name into the New League Name box, select a League Level from the list below, and click the Add League button.  Each league must have a unique name.  When a league is added to the camp, it will be displayed in the list to the right of the page. If you open an existing camp, all leagues that were previously added will also be displayed in this list.

 To delete a league, click on its row in the list and click the Delete League button.  In order to delete a league, it must not contain any teams -- therefore, you must remove all the teams in a particular league before you delete it.

The League Stats list in the bottom left-hand corner of this page shows how many teams have been entered in the camp so far.



The teams page allows you to enter new teams, modify team information and delete teams.  To add a team, enter the team name, coach name, league level and league name in the appropriate boxes.    The League Name box only displays the leagues that are at the selected League Level.  Therefore, be sure to select a league level before selecting a particular league.

The only information that can be modified about a team is the Coach name.  To modify any other team information, you must delete the team then add a new team with the correct information.  To change the coach name, select the appropriate team in the list of teams and click on the Make Changes button.  When you have changed the coach name, click the Save Changes button, and the modified team information will show up in the team list. Any time you add a new team or modify any team information, all four p of information must exist.

To delete a team, simply select the approprate team in the list, and click the Delete Team button.



The Sessions page allows you to specify the sessions during which games are scheduled in the Camp.  To include a session in the camp, click the appropriate checkbox.  In order to remove a session from the camp, uncheck the corresponding box.

Both the Courts page and the TimeSlots page depend on the Sessions page, and it works best if the Sessions are specified before moving on to Courts or TimeSlots.

Each camp must consist of sessions on four consecutive days.


With the Courts page, you set whether the court is available in a particular session, what time each session starts on each court, and how long the games will last.

The box at the top of the page lists all possible courts.  Each individual court is listed, as well as options for all courts in a particular building and all possible courts.  The All Courts option will set court availability during the sessions,  the session start time, and game duration for every court that will be used in the camp.  The all-building options, such as SmithCenter-All, sets the same three pieces of information, but for all courts in that building.

When you select a court option, the text boxes will become enabled based on what sessions will be used in the camp.  You will enter the start time (8:00 - am or pm - is written as 800) and the duration of the game (in minutes) for each of the sessions.

If a court is not to be used during a particular session, you can uncheck the corresponding check box.  If a session has not been selected on the Sessions page, you will not be able to enter court information for that session.

Adding a Court

To add a court to a camp, click on the Add Court/Building button on the Courts page.  A dialog box will pop up, and you will be prompted to enter the name of the new building and the number of courts that it contains.  For the example below, the courts that will be added to the Courts List are Chapel Hill High-1, Chapel Hill High-2, and Chapel Hill High-3.

Deleting a Court

To delete a court, click on the Delete Court/Building button on the Courts page.  A dialog box will pop up, and you will be able to select the court to delete.  You may delete only one court at a time.


The purpose of the TimeSlots page is to allow you to remove individual game times from a court during a particular session. This would be necessary if Fetzer-A were available during the Thursday Afternoon session except for the 3pm game time -- instead of removing FetzerA from the entire session, you can simply uncheck the Thursday 3pm gametime from the TimeSlots page.


When you click on the Schedule page for the first time, the schedule will automatically be generated.  Once the schedule is generated, there are two different ways to view the data -- Master and League.  The Master view lists all of the games in the camp, and the League views list only the games that will be played by the teams in the selected league.  All views of the schedule show each game as a row in a sort of list; the rows are ordered first by session, then by game start time, and then by the court where the game will be played.

Each row of the schedule contains the following: game number, session, start time, court, league1, team1, team2, and league2.  The game number is used when swapping game information.  The game number, session, start time, and court are not editable; the other fields, however, can be modified individually or using the swap button.  The full league names are listed, but teams are identified only by their number.  A key listing which number corresponds to each team can be found in the Key page of the CampEditor.

In any of the schedule views, the team and league information can be modified.  To change individual fields, click twice on the text you would like to change -- the first click will select the appropriate field, and the second click will cause a selection box to appear.  After the box appears, select the new information from the selection list.

To swap game information, select the numbers of the two games you would like to swap from the selection boxes at the top of the page.  Once the correct games are selected, click the Swap Games button.  The team and league information of the two games will now be switched.

Deleting one or more teams, leagues or courts will invalidate the data contained in the schedule -- to generate a new schedule that will reflect your changes to any camp information, you need to click on the Schedule button to reschedule the camp.

Each schedule view can be printed using the Print button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Court Distribution

The purpose of the court distribution page is to display how many times each team plays in each building. If you would like to print the Court Distribution page, simply click on the Print button.


Error Report

After making manual changes to the schedule, there may be schedule constraints that have been violated in the process; if this is the case, a list of errors will be displayed on the Error Report page.  The report generator will run automatically when you look at the page for the first time.  After making manual changes, however, you must click on the Run Error Report button in order to see the updated error list.

If you would like to print the Error Report, simply click on the Print button.


Schedule Preview

The purpose of the Schedule Preview Page is to provide a version of the schedule to be printed. It is in the form of the prior printed camp schedules, displaying the game information by dividing the schedule into sessions. Each session is a table with game times as the columns and courts as the rows. To print the schedule, simply click the Print button.


The purpose of the Key Page is to provide a key to the team numbers on the Schedule and Schedule Preview pages. This page simply lists the teams by league, displaying their team number and the corresponding team name.