Camp Files

This page explains how to save a camp file as well as open an existing camp. All HOOPS files are named with a .cmp file extension.

Saving a camp file

When you open a new camp, a new file will be created automatically when you save the camp you are working on. When you click the OK or Cancel button in the CampEditor, you will be asked if you would like to save the camp. If you click Yes, you will be able to save the camp to a file.

If you click decide not to save the camp, you will exit CampEditor without saving the current camp. If you have exited the CampEditor by mistake, just click Cancel in the dialog box that pops up, and you will return to the CampEditor.

Opening a camp file

If you would like to modify or view a camp that you have saved, simply select the Open option in the File menu or click the Open button. This will bring up an Open File dialog window, and you can select the camp (.cmp) file that you would like to open. You cannot view any other files besides .cmp files with the CampEditor.