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List of terms used in the RHESSys manual version 4.6:

RHESSys is a GIS-based, hydro-ecological modeling framework. RHESSys combines both a set of physically based process models and a methodology for partitioning and parameterizing the landscape. The process models simulate carbon, water and nutrient fluxes while the RHESSys architecture models the spatial distribution and spatial temporal interactions between the different processes. There is complete documentation for users unfamiliar with RHESSys and that would like to know more. These users should read model [1] by Larry Band and Christina Tague.

World File:
The entire landscape structure is described and parameterized in this file which is input into the RHESSys simulation.

TEC File:
RHESSys execution is based on a temporal event or TEC file, which must be specified in the command line.

RHESSys specific program that derives landscape representation from GIS images.

RHESSys specific program that establishes connectivity between spatial units.

Canopy strata defines vertical layers above the patch.

If you need additional information on RHESSys there is complete documentation of the model [1] by Larry Band and Christina Tague.