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Introduction to the New User Interface for RHESSys

What is RHESSys?

RHESSys is a hydor-ecological modeling framework. RHESSys simulates carbon, water, and nutrient fluxes in a given watershed and models the spatial and temporal interactions of the various components of the watershed. Currently, the RHESSys model is a command line driven program that runs solely on UNIX platforms. With the new web-based interface that is described in this manual, users on any platform will be able to use RHESSys witout the need to learn the command line syntax.

 Who should read this?

This manual and product are both intended for users who are already familiar with the capabilities of RHESSys but are unfamiliar with the UNIX environment or the command line syntax currently supported by RHESSys. The product described he rein will provide a much simpler interface for interacting with RHESSys. The interface provides users with a graphical means of inputting data with out the need to understand and memorize complex command line syntax. The graphical interface should look familiar to those who are experienced with window driven interfaces found in many popular commercial products, such as, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Windows. It should be noted, however, that no experience with such products is required to quickly learn how to interact with our product.

It should also be noted that this manual is intended to serve as a reference for using the new web-based interface for RHESSys. This manual is not intended to fully specify or document the actual model itself. There is already extensive documentation available for users who are completely unfamiliar with RHESSys, but would like to know more. Such users should take a look at [1] by Band and Tague.

What's new?

First of all, as mentioned above, the graphical interface will greatly simplify user interaction with RHESSys. Long, cryptic command line arguments have become a thing of the past. Instead, users will use menus and check boxes to select a series of options with virtually no typing required!

Secondly, and perhaps a greater advantage for some is the fact that users do not have to have RHESSys installed on their system in order to take full advantage of its capabilities. The new interface to RHESSys is completely web-enabled, allowing any u ser with a web-browser access to the RHESSys system.

Where to go from here?

If you are itching to get to work with RHESSys you will want to skip straight ahead to our Getting Started section. This section provides a guide that enables even first time users to run a brief RHESSys session. If you would like more i nformation on RHESSys itself you should look at the extensive documentation on the model [1] by Band and Tague.