Week Ending 2/6

Week's accomplishments:

Peter Chapman and Hank Hoffmann produced a mock up of the header file that they used for the canopy_strata class. In addition, they looked at how canopy_stratum_daily_I.c would change as they made the code conversion from C to C++. Peter redesigned the GANTT and Pert charts. He also did some research on Java, native methods, designed a new logo for the project's website., and familiarized himself with the main aspects of the RHESSys model. Hank rewrote the file canopy_stratum_daily_I.c to conform to the changes he made in the header, he also compiled the code provided by the client and started working on regression tests. Hank finished (including finalized versions of all member variables and member functions) the design of the canopy_strata class, he also finished regression tests and ran them on the current version of RHESSys supplied by the client. Four out of eight of these tests failed. Hank tried to rerun the regression tests to produce a log of errors to send to the client in hopes of getting a working version of RHESSys rather than try to debug the clients' supposedly good code. The model would not compile. Hank decided to contact the client and ask for a working version of their code.

Maria worked on the workbreakdown, the Gantt and the Pert charts which were later revised by Peter. The producer (Maria Doyle) started working on the user manual and assigned each member a section of the manual to work on, she also made revisions to the contract and researched the RHESSys model and the C language.

Skip and Jack continued working on the design of the GUI. They have made a great deal of research on ways to integrate the C++ code with the GUI interface. They contacted the client to try and set up a meeting to show their progress and establish a date for their mini-demo. Skip researched Java Swing to find out the feasibility of of using it to develop the GUI. Jack designed our web page and so far (besides Peter) he has been the main person to post documents on the Web (World Wide Web).

Team meetings:

Meetings with Client: