Week Ending 2/13

Week's accomplishments:

Peter Chapman worked on the model and in converting some of the model functions ahead of schedule. He is getting all these things ready for the upcoming mini-demo for the client to take place on 02/19. By 02/19 the canopy-stratum class should be compiling in order to show the client the progress on the C/C++ code conversion.

Maria Doyle kept researching the model and also worked on converting some of the model functions. The team decided to start the C/C++ conversion ahead of schedule since the team might have underestimated the amount of time it would take to convert the model.

Hank Hoffmann finished the design of the object hierarchy for the object-oriented version of RHESSys. This was finished a week before it was scheduled to start. He also prepared a meeting with Peter and Maria to discuss beginning the work on the model ahead of time. Hank finished the first working version of the canopy_stratum.h - the header file for the canopy_stratum class. He has begun work on the header files far ahead of schedule and some things that weren't even scheduled to start yet - like designing the object hierarchy and the header files. He is working ahead of schedule because he anticipates that the team will need a lot more time than it was originally scheduled to convert the model to C++. Hank discussed with the client a way to clean up the implementation of the patch class.

This discussion lead him to add a new class - the layer class - to the object hierarchy in between the patch class and the canopy_stratum class. Hank replaced the old test cases and expected output with new ones supplied by the client but they still are not all producing the expected output.

Jack Tang did research on Java Swing and GUI desig. He installed JDK 1.1.7 and JAVA Swing Class, and used them to write a GUI prototype.

Skip Walker continued to do research on Java Swing, Java NMI, and Java WebServer. He also worked with Jack on the GUI design, and the began writing the CommandObj class for use with the GUI. He also drove to Richmod, VA to acquire his new computer, which he will use extensively in developing the GUI, and the Java Server code. He began installing JDK 1.2. He is also preparing to purchase a Visual Java development program.

Team meetings:

Meetings with Client: