Week Ending 2/20

Week's accomplishments:

Peter Chapman and Maria Doyle continued to work on the C/C++ code conversion for member functions for the canopy_stratum class. There are now 27 C++ files which compile correctly and have been included into the makefile.

Hank Hoffmann completed and double - checked the patch.h header file. He prepared his presentation to the client on the work that the team has accomplished so far. He also began learning RCS but he is worried that the client won't want to use RCS. Hank is to contact the client to check if there is interest in implementing RCS. He began working on compiling the c code with g++. It seems that some of the syntax is so old that g++ doesn't understand it. He is still ahead of schedule.

Jack Tang worked on the getting started section of the user manual and spent some time formatting the manual in order to post it on the hydro models team web page. He continued to enhance and add functionality to the GUI. Skip Walker and Jack spent som e time discussing how to integrate the GUI and the command object that will be passed to the server.

Skip Walker met with Jack to discuss the integration of the GUI and the command object that will be passed to the server. Skip continued to work on the GUI interface. Also, he wrote the skeleton for the Java server code, and began writing the remote method interface to the model.

Team meetings:

Meetings with Client: