Week Ending 3/6

Week's accomplishments:


Maria Doyle finished converting remaining functions of the patch class.

Hank Hoffmann implemented and tested the command_line class. He was delayed by a link error, but he finally got the code to compile. The command-line works and Hank even fixed a small bug in the client's old code. He also began working on turning the tec class into the engine that drives the entire simulation.

Jack Tang found some bugs in the GUI and preceeded to correct them. He tidied up the appearance of the GUI. An extra option "-s" is added in the "control option" pane of the GUI. He also worked on conversion of the GUI from application to applet, without much success.

Skip primarily focused on creating a demo version of the server to use for the in class presentation. This required an applet version of the GUI. Unfortunately, both he and Jack were unsuccessful in converting the GUI into an applet that would run in Netscape. Skip was able to get the GUI to run as an applet with the Visual Cafe Applet Viewer, and this would have been used in our in class presentation.

Team meetings:

Meetings with Client: