Week Ending 3/20

Week's accomplishments:

Peter Chapman implemented the date class and finished up the conversion of the default classes.

Maria Doyle started working on the conversion of the hillslope class.

Hank implemented the zone and base_station classes.

Skip spent the first part of the week trying to rig a demonstration java GUI and server combination to use in our class presentation. He continued to work on the server remote object interface to the model until Thursday. On Thursday, Hank and Skip decided that the distributed nature of the project was too ambitious, and decided that a java application GUI would be more feasible, especially with the task of testing looming ahead. This weekend Skip worked on linking a test application to Hank's commandline test code.

Jack converted the GUI back to an application from the previous applet. He cleaned up the code for the GUI. He added some enhancement to the GUI including separate M/D/Y fields for the -sd and -ed option. He also started learning and implementing filechoosers for the GUI.

Team meetings:

Meetings with Client: Summary: